Crusader Chemical is proud to offer its NEW COAG PLUS line of products. These products are additives to coagulant systems which aid wetting and mold release. COAG PLUS products contain ingredients which promote release, leveling, dispersing and defoaming. Due to their application in aqueous solutions, COAG PLUS products contain a small amount of preservative to deter microbial growth.






- Aids in mold-release

- Silicone-free

- Promotes leveling and wetting

- Aids calcium nitrate/carbonate   mixing and      suspension

- Dissolves in water easily

- Cleans easily in water

- Odorless

- Aids in anti-tack and anti-block   post dip

- Opaque to off-white in color

Festured Products

COAG PLUS Hydro Series :

Is a powder free / stearate additive combined with surfactants and preservatives. Effective dosage at 1-3%. COAG PLUS is freeze thaw stable. We recommend this product for mold side release of thin films and for reported increased latex pick up on formers.


Is a proprietary blend of stearates, surfactants, preservatives and defoamers. Effective dosage is 5-10% wet to wet. We recommend this product for heavy walled latex dipped goods. This product can also also be used as a post dip to de-tacify latex or supported latex gloves.


Is composed of a high molecular weight PEG, stearates, surfactants, defoamers and preservatives. Effective dosage is 10-15% wet to wet. We recommend this product for thick walled latex dipped goods. This product can also also be used for a post dip to de-tacify.


Is composed of Calcium stearate, cellulosics, surfactants, preservatives and defoamers. Effective dosage is 5-10% wet to wet. We recommend this product for thick walled latex dipped goods.

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