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Celebrating 65 years of Defoaming and Dewebbing Solutions 

About Us


Crusader Chemical Company is third generation family owned and operated specialty producer of defoaming and dewebbing additives. With over 60 years of expereince Crusader strives to provide custom solutions to your unique problems. We are customer focused and find solutions that are tailored to improving your products performance. Crusader is proud to offer a series of proven, time-tested, reliable products to meet your manufacturing needs. 

Crusader Chemical is a global supplier of latex dewebbers, defoamers, agricultural defoamers and latex re-odorants. Our products are used to improve manufacturing productivity and compounding performance in the production of latex gloves, condoms, catheters, balloons, bladders, bags, and other dip molded goods. Crusader products are FDA compliant and can be customized to meet your specific manufacturing defoaming needs.

Nitrile Defoaming Nitrile Dewebbing
Proven Profomance

Nitrile and Latex Defoaming and Dewebbing Solutions

Crusader Chemical offers a large range of defoaming agents to combat foam in today's dipped goods and industrial waste water processes. Our custom line of defoamers WEBNIX® FREESIL® and FOAMNIX® have succeeded in outlasting the competition for over sixty years as the brand of choice for many of today's leading glove and other dipped goods and coating manufactures. Crusader Chemical undertands today's challanges and offers custom solutions which are in many cases matched to the individual manafactues needs and processes. 

Latex and Nitrile Defoaming
Excellence in Innovation 

Release Aids 

Crusader Chemical is proud to offer its NEW COAG PLUS line of products. These products are additives to coagulant systems which aid wetting and mold release. COAG PLUS products contain ingredients which promote release, leveling, dispersing and defoaming. Due to their application in aqueous solutions, COAG PLUS products contain a small amount of preservative to deter microbial growth.

Release Aids
Connecting Manufactures to Solutions 

Advisory Services

Re-shoring and expansion of glove manufactures as a response to pandemic shortages can have its challenges. Our advisory services leverage over 65 years of experience in the glove community and reach engineers and chemists globally. 
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